Take a Dip in Our Durham Private Pool

Trinity Commons: Swimming Pool and Deck

Taking a swim at luxury apartments in Durham with pool can be what you make of it; a relaxing way to end a long day, a fun family event, or a way to break up your normal gym routine. No matter your reason, there are some great benefits, such as: Improving muscle definition and strength […]

Find a New Apartment in Durham This Spring!

Spring draws many new residents to Durham. Some come to get settled before starting summer and fall classes at Duke University. Others, who are done with their schooling and starting their internships and residencies, need a place to stay near Duke Medical Center. Still others find Durham, with its many spring events and attractions, to […]

3 Things You Might Not Know About Trinity Commons

Trinity Commons at Erwin

When you are looking for a new apartment, you might not be aware of everything offered to you. There are many things about our luxury apartments in Durham that you may not know of. Here are three things you might not know about our luxury apartments in Durham. When it comes to the lease, you need to […]

Get Local Vegetables at the Veggie Van Mobile Market

Get Local Vegetables at the Veggie Van Mobile Market

There’s a great new way to do your produce shopping in Durham, especially if you love to have fresh vegetables as part of your daily meal. The Veggie Van Mobile Market acquires produce from local farmers and sources and delivers it to you fresh off the farm. You can buy your items on an individual […]

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Downsizing 101: Moving from a house to an apartment

tiny apartment

Are you packing up a home and preparing to move into a new apartment? Have you recently relocated and live between homes? If you’ve recently packed up your home and plan on moving into an apartment, you would benefit from reading our apartment moving tips. Living in an apartment, you will likely have less square footage […]

How-to purge an apartment before you move

Moving boxes.

Do you rifle through boxes of belongings and closets full of clothes on a daily basis? If so, you might want to downsize slightly as a way of saving space. We advise you to have a clear-out quarterly and tackle one room at a time. By doing so, you can avoid holding on to things […]

Make a Living Room more inviting with these decorating tips

Source: Pixabay

Setting the ambiance isn’t as easy as lighting a few candles, embellishing the window sills with flowers and placing a rug on the floor. Oh no, there is much more to creating a warm living environment than you might think. From focusing on natural elements to illuminating certain areas, the following apartment decorating tips are […]

Adding color to an apartment without picking up a brush

Source: Pixabay

When you walk into a room, the color of the walls, decorative features and furnishings will affect your mood. Colors are proven to impact behavior, due to the fact certain shades remind us of particular scenarios/things, whether they are positive or negative. Creating a calm and uplifting ambiance inside your apartment is as simple as […]

Simple ways to rid an apartment of common household pests

Source: Freedigitalphotos

Nobody wants pests invading their space, but, sometimes, common critters like ants, bed bugs and cockroaches make themselves at home before you get a chance to deter them! The best way to deal with an infestation is to contact a pest control company. However, there are some do-it-yourself pest control ideas that are guaranteed to […]