Enjoying the nice fall weather with your dog can include more than a game of fetch. Our pet-friendly apartments in Durham have a dog run that’s perfect for getting your excited pup energized.

5 Games to Play Outside with Your Durham Dog
Source: freedigitalphotos.net.

Below, we have outlined five energizing games that you can play with your pet:

  • Treat Hunt: Grab your dog’s favorite smelly treat, and hide it somewhere in the yard or in your house. Remember, no peeking! Make sure your pup is not in the area when the treat is being hidden.
  • Tug of War: Instead of using a rope, use a doggy toy to teach your dog the concepts of “get it” and “let go.” Trust us, this is better than rope-pulling any day!
  • Simon Says: If your dog knows basic commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “down,” this game should be easy. Grab some treats, and test your dog on his ability to follow the commands.
  • Round Robin: Grab all of your friends and family in either your home or outdoors. With each person having a treat in hand, every person should take turns calling out the dog’s name. Give your pooch a treat every time he comes.
  • Frisbee Toss: Start slow by allowing your pup to grab the frisbee after you roll it to him. Once he is used to the object, try tossing it at levels ranging from low to high.

There is plenty to both see and do while out with your four-legged friend, whether you’re using our dog run or exploring a local dog park.

Our pet-friendly apartments in Durham feature a prime location in direct walking distance of the Duke University campus, Hock Plaza, and Lakeview restaurants. For more information about joining our community, contact us today to schedule a tour.