One of the most enticing parts of moving in to any new apartment home is decorating your space to make it feel truly “yours.” Yet, after paying security deposits and the costs of moving you may find your budget is a little tight. Here are some options to help you spruce up the place and add some touches of your personality without sacrificing your budget.

  1. Invest in Curtains

Curtains can be costly, but they don’t have to be. If your unit doesn’t have window coverings, or you don’t like the window coverings, some colorful curtains can give your space a new look without a lot of investment.

  1. Embrace the Mismatched Trend

A current trend is to mismatch important elements in your home, such as the dining chairs around your table. Not only will this give your apartment a chic look, but it will also save you money. You can pick up cheap or free chairs if you shop savvy, and create this look for next to nothing.

  1. Add a Rug

Most modern apartments have hardwood or laminate flooring, so why not add some softness and color with a rug? Rugs can be expensive, but jute rugs are attractive and affordable. Choose one that matches your color scheme and adds a fun pattern to your space!

  1. Bring in a Plant

Does your apartment have large windows? Capitalize on that sunshine by bringing a plant inside! Not only will it add color to your space, but it will also help filter the air a bit, helping you breathe more freely at home.

  1. Removable Wallpaper

Wallpaper’s not typically allowed in an apartment, but now you can use removable wallpaper or removable decals to add color and design to your space, without violating your lease agreement. Find a pattern you love, then add it to an accent wall in your apartment for a nearly instant design boost.

Do you have additional ideas for decorating on a budget? Let the Trinity Commons community know your hacks and DIY ideas in the comments, so we can all decorate our apartments well.