Just because your leasing office says you live in a one-bedroom apartment doesn’t mean anything. There are many ways to add a small den to your unit that are easy and affordable. You just have to get creative.

What is so special about drywall anyways? It’s essentially some plaster pressed between thick sheets of paper. There are lots of options that are just as strong and soundproof as drywall, like a bookcase.

People use bookcases all of the time to separate one room from another. You can find tall bookcases at any furniture store or you can find discounted ones at garage sales or second hand dealers. Once you get your bookcase, head to a used bookstore and stock up on thick, heavy books to line the shelves. Make sure you cover every inch of every shelf so that the new room has total privacy.

When using a bookshelf as a room divider, it is easy to keep the color scheme of your décor by painting the bookshelf and choosing hard cover books with colors you prefer. Not only do bookcases allow a private space in your apartment but they also add character!

Almost all furniture stores sell room dividers designed specifically for this purpose. Ikea, Overstock, Wal-Mart and Amazon are just a few of the retailers who sell these. Unfortunately, purchasing from here can get pricey and most room dividers from stores like these only come in three or four panels. You would need to purchase at least two in order to wall off an entire room.

It is up to you on how much you are willing to spend on a room divider. If your budget allows, you should explore these items. They are less work, easy to setup and also come in various styles and colors.

If your budget is tight, you still have plenty of options for a DIY room divider. A clothsline costs next to nothing and is a great way to create an extra space. All you need to do is find a pair of hooks and screw them into the walls across from each other and simply fasten the line to each hook. You can either drape a curtain or a bed sheet across the clothesline to create a perfect and unique separate little space.

There are other ways to get creative with room dividers in apartment units. A fun option is to create a wall with potted plants. Bamboo palms, Boston ferns or Chinese evergreens are all bushy and tall enough to shield off a section of a room. If you are someone who loves nature and lots of green, this is the perfect room divider solution for you.

Avoid adding significant changes to your apartment such as nailing a track and rail for sliding doors or attempt drywalling yourself. Remember, an apartment is a lease and you don’t want to damage your unit only to see it come out of your deposit later.

Try one of these options and if they don’t work, do some additional research on the intranet. Websites like Pinterest and Etsy are great places to brainstorm for additional DIY room dividers.

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