March Madness is right around the corner. As you cheer on the Blue Devils, consider throwing a March Madness party at your Trinity Commons apartment. Here are some tips to help you cook up some great festivities as you watch the intense competition unfold.

1) Choose Your Decoration

Decorate your living room area with streamers, jerseys and plenty of white and blue balloons. You don’t have to go crazy, but add plenty of color so your guests clearly know what you are celebrating. Do you have friends cheering for other teams? Consider incorporating their colors as well for some friendly competition.

2) Send Your Invites

Send your invites on game brackets, with instructions for your guests to fill out the brackets. Then, at the party, you can see whose guesses were the closest to the final result.

On the invitations, set a time around a scheduled game. While you may not be able to predict the Blue Devils play time, you can ensure that people aren’t at your apartment too early or too late to enjoy a game. Send your invites at least two weeks prior to your party to give your guests sufficient time to make their picks and plan to attend.

3) Make Game-Friendly Food

No one wants to be stuck at the kitchen table eating during the game. Choose finger foods to make it easy to watch while you eat, and to snack throughout the evening if they want. To add to the basketball theme, choose circle and ball-shaped foods, like a cheese ball with circular crackers, meatballs, cheese puff balls. Cookies or a basketball-shaped cake make a great desert option. For a drink, stock your fridge with some beer and sodas.

4) Consider Some Games

What will you do if the game is boring or ends before the party does? Consider some game-day games. Are your guests gamers? Try an NBA or college basketball video game. Looking for something more active? Invest in some inflatable basketballs and a cheap basketball hoop for a basket shooting competition right in your apartment.

Because of the open floor plans at Trinity Commons, you can easily host a fun party while drinking in the view of Durham out your window. With these ideas, the party will be something your friends will remember long after the championship team has been crowned.