Photo by Nico Paix.
Photo by Nico Paix.

While Trinity Commons at Erwin is known for its open floor plans, the fact remains that apartment living, even in luxury apartments, requires moving into a small space. When you are moving into a 500 to 800 square foot apartment, you will need to get creative to utilize your space well. Yet, with a little decorating prowess, you can make your apartment feel even larger as you maximize every square inch of your floor space.

Choose Furniture Carefully
The furnishings you put into your space will go far in making it feel larger. First, avoid furniture with arms. Armless pieces create fewer boundaries while still providing the seating you need. Next, avoid pieces that look and feel bulky. For instance, a bed with a large headboard and footboard takes up a lot of space in your bedroom. Instead, find a frame with a small headboard and no footboard to reclaim some space in your room, without sacrificing the comfort you need in a bed.

Similarly, look for furniture that does double duty. A bed with drawers built in underneath provides a place to sleep and some additional storage. An ottoman that opens up gives a place to stash seasonal items while also providing seating. A futon or sleeper sofa provides an instant guest room when overnight guests come. It’s worth paying a little extra to have these double-duty pieces when you are furnishing a small space.

Add Color Sparingly
Having a small space doesn’t mean you need to live with neutrals for everything, but it does mean you need to add color carefully. Too much color will make the space feel small and closed in. An accent chair, a colorful wall hanging or a bright rug can all go far to make your space inviting, without making it feel cramped.

Decorate Floor-to-Ceiling
Your apartment’s ceilings can be used to make the area feel larger. Hang wall hangings from the ceiling to the floor. Hang curtains so they are far above the window and drop to the floor. Add narrow shelving in a pattern that reaches to the top of the room. By decorating upward like this, you give the space the feeling of a much taller ceiling, which will make it feel larger.

When decorating from floor-to-ceiling, don’t neglect to add some mirrors. Mirrors reflect light and give the impression of a larger space. Add a mirror or two to your Durham apartment to make it feel larger.

Moving into an decorating a small space is not without its challenges. With these tips, you can maximize the use of your space in your Trinity Commons at Erwin luxury apartment. Contact them today to tour their floor plans, so you can start deciding how to best decorate it.