Fairview Dining Room at Duke offers people living in apartments near Duke campus the chance to try something new. Fairview hosts a Fullsteam Brewery Beer dinner that offers a meal like no other.

Fullsteam Brewery
Source: Fullsteam Brewery.

On August 13th at 7 pm, the Duke University dining room will have a Fullsteam Brewery Beer Dinner. Fullsteam Brewery will be working in collaboration with the renowned chefs Jason Cunningham and Murray Healy to create a four-course menu. The menu will be inspired by the brewery’s one-of-a-kind beer offerings. Five different beer flavors will be available at the reception and throughout the dinner. Tickets for the dinner can be purchased online.

Fullsteam Brewery is an establishment dedicated to brewing Southern-style beer. Many of the ingredients the brewery uses are from local farms and entrepreneurs. Everything from experimental to traditional beers are on the menu. Among the more unique brews are Carver Sweet Potato Lager, Summer Basil Farmhouse Ale, and Fruitcake…The Beer. The tavern has an indoor and outdoor area, and during the day, both families and their dogs on leashes are allowed. There are even locally-made, experimental non-alcoholic drinks for those under age 21.

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