If you weren’t aware already, our apartments in Durham are lavished with a great common area, including a 13,000 square foot clubhouse. Here are 4 of the amenities which are particularly noteworthy:

the spa at Trinity Commons
Enjoy these great amenities and more at Trinity Commons.
  • Two pools, a private outdoor salt water pool and a heated indoor resistance lap pool
  • Indoor steam rooms, including a spacious sauna and a well maintained jacuzzi
  • A room specifically dedicated to billiards for those who want to play a leisurely round with friends
  • Exercise facilities for yoga within a 3,000 square foot fitness area

Trinity Commons is proud to boast of such luxurious amenities for the benefit of our residents and have provided the very best in recreation and fitness facilities.

It is also a great place for our community to come together and socialize while engaging in activities that keep them healthy and energized.

Please take full advantage of our fitness area, the steam rooms and jacuzzi as well as our two pools, and the billiards room. They are one of the very best reasons to live at Trinity Commons!

What’s your favorite amenity? Tell us about it on our Facebook page.

Photo via Trinity Commons

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