This year for Father’s Day, wouldn’t it be great to do something a little extra for your dad? The obligatory holiday card is getting rather old and flowers do not exactly seem appropriate for the occasion.

“As a resident at Trinity Commons, you are able to take full advantage of Father’s Day and invite your dad to spend the day with you at your exiting, luxurious apartment building.”

Father’s Day only comes around once a year, so you might as well start the day off early with a home-cooked brunch. Not only will this give you an opportunity to show off the high-efficiency, Energy Star stainless steel appliances in your kitchen, but you can also make a quick trip to the famers market together. It is always fun to pick from the wide range of fresh peppers and other vegetables that can be used in either a delicious Father’s Day omelet or breakfast casserole.

After the Father’s Day morning feast, take your dad for a stroll through Sarah P. Duke Gardens. The Terrace Café is a great place to pick up a cup of coffee to stimulate your conversations as the both of you walk mile after mile down the beautiful garden pathways. If you are both feeling a little too full for walking, there are always trolley tours that provide as much environmental relaxation as the walking pathways.

By the time you both return from the gardens, brunch should be fully digested and the two of you can throw on some exercise clothes and hit the fitness center together. Have some fun giving each other challenges on the treadmill or with weights. Your dad may surprise you, even in his older age.

Also, the spacious fitness room gives you a great chance to teach your dad those yoga moves that you know will fix his back problems and knee pains.

Once the workout is complete, treat your dad to something he is certainly not used to on a daily basis – a nice long sit in the indoor sauna or the Jacuzzi. This is the perfect chance for him to fully relax, celebrate his job as a father and enjoy it with you in your new, lavish home.

By the time dinner rolls around, you and your dad can choose from a variety of options. Another home cooked meal in your brand new kitchen would certainly be fun but there are also so many nearby fun and exciting restaurants for you to treat your dad to a nice, fun evening out on the town.

Top off the perfect day with just you and your dad by spending it in the media center, watching a new movie or sports game on the large TV screen. Simply enjoy each other’s company as a great day together winds down.

Living at Trinity Commons gives you the opportunity to do something out of the ordinary for your dad on Father’s Day. A day together full of planned activities and fun is more than any dad would ever hope for.