Source: MorgueFile.

It’s understood that giving back in Durham makes our community stronger, healthier, and closer than most communities in America.

In fact, Durham residents are among the most generous in the world. If you aren’t already doing it, take a look at the Duke Cancer Fund and consider lending them your support by joining the Strike Out Cancer team.

The Duke Cancer Fund is determined to find a cure for cancer. It’s been the dream, the hope, and the goal of many researchers and scientists throughout the years. If you or someone you know has been affected by cancer, then you know just how important it is to make this goal a reality.

The goals of the Duke Cancer Fund are simple, and your support and donations will help make them possible:

  • Remove regulation and roadblocks between therapies and patients.
  • Innovate, innovate, and innovate some more.
  • Attract the best and brightest researchers in the world to our community to do this work.

For more information on ways you can start giving back in Durham this year, contact the team at our luxury pet-friendly apartments and we will be glad to offer you some fabulous suggestions.