Source: Zipcar.

You might have noticed the Zipcar location that is right outside our Durham apartment community. Of all of the features near our green apartments near Duke University Hospital, this one has been getting the most attention lately.

Zipcars make it possible for you to get anywhere you need to go without having to worry about those pesky car loans and repair bills every month. Simply sign up for the program, pick a car up when you want to go somewhere, and drop it off at a Zipcar location when you are done.

If you only need a car for certain errands or a few times a month, this is a terrific way to save some money and help keep the environment a little greener throughout the year. That’s why the concept is catching on here and around the world with such speed.

For more information about our green apartments near Duke University Hospital and the many ways our community is helping to keep our North Carolina environment clean and green, send us a message and we will be glad to give you all of the details. We’re certain they’ll grow on you and make you want to discover more about our fabulous apartment community.

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