Carolina Hurricanes
Source: Carolina Hurricanes.

Hockey in Raleigh isn’t just a sport; it’s a tradition, and you will want to get in on the fun this year as the Hurricanes gear up on their quest for the Stanley Cup.

Here are some that you should know about and just might enjoy taking up for yourself:

  • The Warning Siren – Since 2008, this siren has blared a warning to all who dare to enter the arena with our hometown heroes. This siren signals the beginning of the game, and it’s a great honor to be chosen to start things off by blasting it.
  • Stormy, the furry ball of fun, is the team’s mascot. His lovable antics are known far and wide, and he always manages to bring a little levity to the ice with him.
  • Cool Bars at the Ale House – The Ale House is a fantastic place to begin a game at, or celebrate the victory afterward. You can always bet there will be a huge crowd of fans here.

Whatever your traditions, make sure to make watching NHL hockey live one while you live in Raleigh. Afterward, contact Trinity Commons at Erwin to find out just how many NHL fans we have at our fabulous apartment community.