Sarah P. Duke Gardens

Practicing yoga at Duke Gardens is a terrific way to let your hair down and relieve the tension and stress that builds up throughout the week. Every Thursday, Orla Swift gathers her flock to relax and stretch out amid the spectacular backdrop of these beautiful gardens.

Sessions begin at 6:00 pm and end at 7:00 pm each night, and they cost $50 for a reservation, or just $15 if you want to drop in. Reservations are recommended, as the sessions tend to fill up.

If taking the short drive to the Sarah P. Duke Gardens just won’t fit into your schedule, don’t forget that we have a wonderful fitness facility right here at our apartments in Durham that you can use anytime. Between the weights, the machines, and the spa, you will have plenty of exercises to choose from after you’ve loosened and limbered up from your yoga routine.

Do you like to work out by doing yoga? Tell us about your fitness routine on Facebook or in the comments below.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia