The residents at Trinity Commons all have something in common – a very busy lifestyle. Whether they are putting in long days and late nights at Duke Hospital or working lots of overtime at the Triangle, most residents here are always on the go.

A busy work schedule tends to interfere with a healthy lifestyle. We want our residents to be healthy, happy and successful so we have created the following tips for staying in shape while being crunched for time.

An hour of exercise a day seems like a fantasy for most working professionals here in Durham. Luckily, daily exercise can be completed in twenty minutes if done properly. Trinity Commons has a beautiful gym full of state of the art equipment that will help make the most out of the twenty minutes.

Most people run a mile in 7 to 8 minutes. That means you can still get in two miles a day on the treadmill and still have about fives minutes left for some lunges and pushups. 

Health experts agree that short spurts of exercise, such as twenty minutes a day, can be extremely beneficial to fitness, especially if the workout is vigorous. Sure a twenty- minute walk after lunch is better than nothing but squeezing in a twenty minute, intense workout in the gym everyday is much more effective.

If running is not your preferred method of exercise, the treadmill is also a great calorie burner if used for speed walking. Set the incline to steeper than usual and select a fast pace for walking. In just twenty minutes, you should be able to burn at least 160 calories. 

The elliptical machines are perfect cardio solutions for people who suffer from joint pains. By moving forward for ten minutes then reversing your stride to a backwards motion for ten minutes, you will certainly get your blood pumping enough to get you through the day. Remember to set the intensity at a high level, you want to make the most out of the twenty minutes.

Eating right is almost impossible when you are running from one meeting to the next. And we are painfully aware that the most convenient food is always the unhealthiest but we have a solution. The best way to maintain a balanced diet during the workday is to pack your meals and snacks in advance. If you always have a bag full of carrots and cucumbers available, you will be less inclined to hit up the vending machines for a bag of chips. Keeping yourself full of healthy food is the best way to avoid the fast junk food. Bring salads from home to eat for lunch, pack two hard-boiled eggs with you to eat as snacks. Also, come to work stocked with things like apples, grapes and nuts. Munching on these types of food will keep you fuller for longer.

Nothing beats a home-cooked dinner but who has time after work to prepare a gourmet meal? Most Trinity Commons residents only dream of having this luxury. Our best solution to this dilemma is the ever-dependable crock-pot. These slow cookers can be set to cook for up to ten hours long. That means residents can quickly prepare meals like chili, pork roast, chicken and vegetable soups in the morning before they leave for work then come home to a delectable aroma and a delicious warm meal in the evening.

Not only do slow cooker meals keep you away from hitting up the fast food chains on your way home from work but they also keep you from spending all of your money on take-out food. Home cooked meals are great for staying healthy and staying on a budget.

We are proud to have so many successful residents in our building. A great career though should never stand in the way of a healthy lifestyle. Hopefully these tips are useful for those who struggle to balance their work with eating right and exercising! Also, be sure to check out the Trinity Commons Fitness Center and indoor lap pool for additional, convenient exercise.