Getting ready for a triathlon is easy when you have an apartment near Duke with fitness center facilities. The Riverkeeper Sprint Triathlon is a great place to showcase your fitness and put your exercise regimen to the test.

Swim, Bike, and Run Duke's Riverkeeper Sprint Triathlon
Source: MorgueFile.

The 14th Annual Neuse Riverkeeper Sprint Triathlon will start September 13th, 2014 at 10 am. It will take place at the Duke Marine Lab in Beaufort, and the course will be 800 meters of swimming, 6 miles of cycling, and 2.5 miles of running. Participants have the option of competing in the competitive wave or the recreational wave, and they can compete solo or in a team of two or three.

After the race, there will be a barbecue with quick eats, raffle tickets, and prizes awarded. Prizes will be awarded to top competitors and for creative costumes. Proceeds from the event benefit the Neuse Riverkeeper Foundation, an organization dedicated to protecting the Neuse River Watershed.

The fitness center at our apartment community covers 3000 square feet. In addition to having state-of-the-art equipment, there is an indoor resistance pool and sauna. There is no need to leave the facility to get proper triathlon training; swimming in the pool, running on the treadmill, and cycling on the stationary bike will get you in shape for the race.

Trinity Commons at Erwin is luxury at its finest. Contact us for more details about living in our apartments near Duke with fitness center.