If you plan on having your family over to your apartment this Thanksgiving, and are looking for a nice movie to wind-down to after a day full of food and family fun, be sure to check out our staff’s top picks of favorite Thanksgiving movies…

1)       A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Everyone, young and old, can still learn a solid lesion from a Charlie Brown holiday, and Thanksgiving is no different.  This holiday edition we hang out with the Peanuts gang over a table of plenty and display sharing and thankfulness.  Plus, it’s a solid classic only the like of ‘A Christmas Story’ can pass for their respective holidays.

2)       Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

John Candy, Steve Martin, and nothing but road to eat up – brings peace during my travels because it benchmarks how bad the trip could be going.  One man doesn’t have a care in the world, and is seemly joyous about their impromptu adventure.  The other, makes up for it.  No matter the means, if it moves, and moves in a semi-close direction they’re headed, then they’ll give it a shot.

3)       Grumpy Old Men

Two men, simply waiting on a woman, and happened to live next to each other – it’s a fun depiction of single life for the golden years.  Something that wasn’t all too common when filmed, but a revisit to this film may bring some to enjoy more than they originally remembered.  They say, very few things can wedge between two men harder than a beautiful woman.

4)       Pocahontas

The ultimate story of Thanksgiving, illustrating when John Smith and his Englishmen ventured into the unknown forests of the New World, only to stumble upon a Native-American beauty and a proud tribe led by her dad, Chief Powhatan. With Grandmother Willow, Meeko, and Flit by their side, Pocahontas and John Smith share a table and unite the sides over giving of thanks and bread.

5)       Hannah and Her Sisters

Between two Thanksgivings, Hannah’s husband falls in love with her sister Lee, while her hypochondriac ex-husband rekindles his relationship with her sister Holly.  It helps remind you what family means, and with three sisters myself, it reminds me it’s pure, beautiful chaos.