Change out your old light bulbs for energy-efficient ones!

Our apartments in Durham are among many throughout America that are helping people live just a little bit greener.

Here are some tips and suggestions to green up your life so that we can all live in a clean and healthy Durham.

  • Watch the lights carefully. Turn lights and appliances off when you’re not using them, and be sure to replace those old incandescent light bulbs with more efficient compact fluorescent bulbs.
  • Keep your thermostat in check. Make sure that your apartment isn’t too hot or cold, but also remember to lower it at night and at times when you’ll be gone for the day.
  • Ditch the chemical cleaners and start using all-natural ones that you can mix yourself using little more than vinegar and baking soda.
  • Don’t wash half-full loads of dishes or laundry. Wait until you have filled them up before you run them to help conserve water and electricity. If you want to take it a step further, hang a clothesline and stop using the dryer altogether.

In what ways are you going green in your Trinity Commons at Erwin apartment? Share your eco-friendly living tips with us on our Facebook page.

Image courtesy of Brianfit via Flickr

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