As Durham continues to grow into a major metropolitan area, the need for cars becomes less and less important. This is especially true for residents living at Trinity Commons at Erwin. Access to I-40, I-85 and NC-147 bus routes is moments from the apartment building, making it incredibly easy for residents to get to any point of the Triangle.

The buses that drive down the I-40 are unique from other bus routes. They are actually legally allowed to drive down the shoulders of selected freeways at low speeds when traffic is heavily congested. It simply moves over to the shoulder lane and bypasses the backup of cars in order to maintain its transit schedule.

The I-40 off the shoulder bus route is referred to as the BOSS around town. It begins in southern Durham County. On westbound I-40, BOSS starts just west of the NC-147 interchange and continues to the US 15-501 interchange. Heading down eastbound I-40, the BOSS begins at the US 15-501 interchange and continues to the Page Road interchange. The total length of the BOSS lane is about 20 shoulder-miles long. It is designed to get you places fast!

Not into freeway public transit? Trinity Commons is still a great spot to live because it is just a few short miles from hot spots like the Tobacco District and Brightleaf Square. Residents at Trinity Commons can spend their entire weekends shopping, eating, drinking and over indulging in delicious espressos and pastries in nearby areas that are quickly accessible via quick cab or bus rides.

Trinity Commons is home to several Duke Medical Center students. These residents have so many important things on their minds, like research and exams, that the last thing they need to worry about is parking or car maintenance. Fortunately for them, getting from place to place is extremely convenient as they have the public transit options of taking either campus buses, hospital buses, in addition to the Durham Area Transit Authority buses, the Triangle Transit Regional and Express buses as well as the Capital Area Transit buses.

The local community makes a tremendous effort to keep walking and bike paths clean, accessible and safe. The website provides several maps for paths in the area. Another website,, also helps community residents find commutable paths.

Imagine how much money you could save if you got rid of your car payments. Life at Trinity Commons can turn that vision into a reality.

Ditching your car is not only a great way to save money but it also does the environment a real favor. Durham’s public transit innovation and local bike paths are great ways to keep the city moving in the direction of economic and environmental sustainability.

If you are curious to find out if Trinity Commons has accessible transportation options for your daily commute, send an email or give a call to the helpful and friendly staff. Chances are, they will help identify an easy route that allows you to ditch the car and make yourself apart of the Trinity Commons community.

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